What's Left of Fate

Timey-Wimey Wibbly-Wobbly Adventuring Time

Consequences and Causes

Some day in the early summer of the 3rd century KY (should have looked at your history books kids) to ???


Some day in the early summer of the 3rd century KY (should have looked at your history books kids) to ???


The sun shone, in its eagerness, on the novel and dangerous new frontier of the ancient dwarven community in which our heroes tread. Potent magicks had caused the flow of time to seep into the land itself, and the bewildered men and women of mettle were forced to adjust to this strange inversion of reality and reason. This singular place made the spells that many of the party members had trained to use and come to rely on behave in a frightening if consistent pattern. As the bugbears, records, researchers, and their own eyes had shown them, any application of magic to or by an individual who had visited violence on another recently could be whisked away from the current day and dropped backwards in time. The voyage induced no other other effects that they could reckon, either in the jaunt itself or immediately following it. They also learned, through trial and error, that it was possible to resist being flung backwards in the past, though the force of will necessary was ever more demanding the more violence clung. and that returning to the present could also be accomplished through a separate application of concentration.

For all its eccentricity, this magical curse was also a boon for the adventurers, after a fashion. For the exact circumstances of what befell this doomed dwarven stronghold were unclear to any extant records or recollections to which the eclectic group of travelers had access. Like a long cold case of murder most foul, the culprit and actors involved were only vaguely known, and their motivations and precise movements completely obscured by the passage of time. However, this peculiar magical affliction on the countryside allowed our heros to pierce the veil of many centuries, and see the World exactly as it was so long ago. But even better than a spell that might give them an incomplete picture of that time, or force them to extract the truth from the obtuse speech of a nigh inscrutable higher power, they were able to observe and even interact with the region as few detectives, archeologists, anthropologists, or looters ever had before.

Your humble chronicler, Ultragotha, wondered, if the weighty magicks of this place would allow for the events of the past to be influenced by her fellows and by herself. But behold! She saw that the wings of a butterfly, floating on a zephyr and directing its flow, even if by an unobservable degree, and even though the change in course should last for a single stitch in time, can, mauger all rhyme or reason, produce changes felt across the slow and pitiless passage of the ages.

The party happened upon a dwarven youth who was a big fan of [wrestling title]’s exploits. While not part of the mystery, the presence of a fan of a living luchador served as a means of reckoning whether the mercenaries were currently in the present or the past. However, a bloody piece of the puzzle immediately fell into place not moments afterwards. The adventurers discovered a pitched battle between two groups. One group consisted of dwarven clerics, devoted to members of the pantheon which created and shepherded the race. Their foes were strange, delirious mercenaries, wearing the symbol of a dead god, the Brave. A strange dwarven warrior, bedecked with all manner of swords, also entered the fray. The explorers were attacked by the adherents of the Brave, and returned hostilities in full measure. Eventually, more of the implacable and nearly indestructible floating suits of armor entered the battlefield, although in substantially fewer numbers. Whether by chance or exactly according to an unseen hand, our heros came to the exact moment when the site over which much blood had been spilled was breached. Would they prevent the calamity, or become additional casualties, lost to time and unable to forge a better future for these lands, and prevent additional loss of life since then and continuing ever onward.

Your humble chronicler will continue their story, gods willing!



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